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Rx Analysis and LTC Pharmacy Billing

RapidCare offers a professional medical staff that will complete the Rx Analysis and/or LTC Pharmacy Billing process for clients. Our team is well experienced in procedural and requirements.

RapidCare Solutions performs the following functions into the Online portal ( i.e. QS1 or DocuTrack):

  • Rx Refill order entry, processing
  • Creation of medication record
  • Verification of Rx order
  • Verification of Rx labeling and packaging
  • Barcode verification
  • Drug image verification
  • Check medication timely delivery
  • Perform QA check
  • Screen MAR for drug regimen review
  • Track for return of re-use/disposal of medication unused
  • Review disposal of controlled/non-controlled substances

Clinical Solutions:

  • Detailed outline of current med regimen and prescribing patterns
  • Review for medication long term use
  • Review for medication nearing patient expiration
  • Identify potential contraindicated meds, alternative meds or opportunities for weaning from a medication
  • Prepare detailed outline comparing current costs with no change in prescribing patterns
  • Compare current costs and potential savings with substitution/replacement with alternative meds in the same category
  • Include the diagnosis, co-morbid factors
  • Screening for drug to drug interactions
  • Screening and Reviewing Medical Records
  • Checking for Therapeutic duplication
  • Checking Drug-disease contraindication
  • Checking Drug allergies
  • Checking Drug-Food precautions
  • Checking Geriatric precautions
  • Checking Minimum – Maximum dose Tracking lab reports

Accounts Receivable and Billing at Facility level:

  • Multiple claims submission for multiple patients to multiple carriers
  • Rx Adjudication takes into the edits, interactions, plan information, new/refill information, patient plan information, generic equivalents, Rx as it was filled, patient encounters, nursing home information, Unit dose information, Lot numbers, refill/modification history, comments from previous fill/cancel, IV mixture information, Mixture breakdown as well as the cost, markup, fee, mix fee, mix time, SSC fee, Previous paid amount, Pharmacy ID, Dispense date, Carrier ID, Group ID, Client ID, Birthdate, Cardholder, Relationship, First Name, Last Name, Prov Health ID, Gender, Med Reason, Original Rx Number, Refills, Current Rx number, DIN, SSC, Quantity, Days supply, Doctor ID Ref, Doctor Number, Prod Selection, Unlisted Compound, Specific Authorization Number, Interventions, and Adjudication Date.