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Virtual Office Assistant

RapidCare Solutions offers a flexible Virtual Office Assistant for a medical practice with services including but not limited to:

  • Intake compliance and patient information input. Recording information on referrals, demographics, parents/guardians, outside providers and contacts, insurance, and consent forms.
  • Quick and responsive scheduling for staff, patients, and off-site visits.
  • Completion of mandated paperwork and linking to patient records.
  • Processing insurance pre-authorization and recording all past and current authorizations along with valid dates, services, and durations.
  • Track information about expired or soon to be expired authorizations.
  • Documenting medication history.
  • Schedule group appointments by service type and follow-ups.
  • Identifying patients taking medications that have received FDA warnings.
  • Managing the calendar across appointments, time, and tracking patient schedules.
  • Set up email auto responders.
  • Filtering email and voicemail for staff.
  • Manage caseload diary.
  • Transcribe dictation.
  • Input handwritten data into spreadsheets.
  • Efficiently complete documentation in regulatory compliant method.
  • Generate reports on missed appointments, appointments by location, patients not recently seen.
  • Practice statistics by Physician: Contracted hours, Individual appointment hours, Group Appointment hours.
  • Our goal is to be an effective and contributing member of your team to create a successful and profitable practice.